Asphalt Repair
  With the most up-to-date technology in the asphalt repair industry. We can provide you with all of the options that will prolong your asphalt investment.
Damaged Asphalt

There are four methods of repair that we offer.

  • Skim Patch
  • Clean affected area where damaged asphalt exists, apply tack coat, and place a thin layer of asphalt over the top.

  • Hand Patch
  • Clean out the existing hole, apply tack coat to the edges, fill the hole with HMA, and compact or hand tamp.

  • Infrared Technology Repair
  • Using state of the art technology, we heat the existing asphalt to make it workable. We then add rejuvenator as well as brand new asphalt (as needed), and then level out and compact to finish.

  • Saw Cut
  • We will saw cut the damaged area, remove the old asphalt, add gravel to the base and level as needed, replace with new asphalt, and then compact the area.