Seal Coating
  Molon Asphalt is a full-service asphalt company. We provide the highest quality asphalt seal coating to help extend the life of your asphalt investment.

The Best Products in the Industry

We proudly offer a wide selection of GemSeal seal coat products. These products include their Seal Pave, Black Diamond, and Asphalt Emulsion (which is Eco-Friendly).

Why Seal Coat?

  • Prevents Oxidation
  • Regular sealing applications shield against the drying action of the sun, raveling, cracking, and deterioration.
  • Weatherproofs
  • The accumulation of moisture in pavement structures is probably the most common cause of pavement damage. Sealing applications prevent water seepage into the porous asphalt structure, stopping weather damage.
  • Saves You $$$
  • Asphalt, a petroleum product, has tripled in cost. For pennies per square foot, sealing application can protect your investment and prevent costly repairs.

Preparing for Seal coating

Here are some helpful tips to prepare for your seal coating job.


Drying Time

A fresh coat of sealer will take 24 hours to fully cure. Footprints can be left and tracked during drying time. Also, after cure especially on hot days, it is important NOT to turn the wheels of your vehicle in one spot as it can pull the sealer from the asphalt.

Your Seal Coat Job Checklist

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Make sure that all vehicles, and other objects are moved off of the area to be sealed. 

Make sure that all sprinkler systems are turned off for a minimum of 24 hours prior to the scheduled job, and during the curing time after completion.

Pleased make sure that all pets are secured.  It also helps to let neighbors know that you will be having work done, so curious animals do not venture into your newly sealed space.