Molon Asphalt's Services

Molon Asphalt's Services

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Commercial, Residential, Roadwork (State, Local, Private)

Seal Coating

Molon Asphalt is a full-service asphalt company. We provide quality.. Read More

Asphalt Repair

There are 4 methods of repair that we offer. Skim Patch, Hand Patch, Infrared.. Read More


Crack Filling

Cracking in your asphalt surface can be caused by the ground underneath shifting... Read More

HMA (Hot Mix Asphalt) Sales

Our in house manufactured asphalt is made from the highest grade materials

Sealcoat Sales & Distribution

For other asphalt maintenance companies, or the "do-it-youserflers", we have you covered.

Commercial Sweeping

Keep your commercial parking lot and/or roadways thoroughly clean with Molon Asphalt, Inc's expert parking lot sweeping service. Read More

Snow Plowing

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